jeudi 7 novembre 2013

In 1990, Rikhard (15 years old, voices), Luukas (13 years old, drums) and myself (Taimi, 15 years old, guitar) form THE LARVES the time to one show and one demo tape, musically influenced by the Finnish Hardcore Punk scene... the band split after the move of Rikhard for the France... 20 years after (2010) Rikhard and The Lärves is back in Finland with an new line-up : Rikhard 5voices), Simo (Drums) and Onni (Guitars), his begin to rehearsal and compose new songs in project of an split 7" vinyl with an Sweden band unhopefully never released... after the bad come the good news : I back in The Lärves after my short X model career to keep alive the spirit of my brother Luukas dead in 2002 by O.D., Oni have removed after my back for work on his second and main band and to join an legendary Finnish Punk Hardcore band like tour session member... after Oni, Simo leave the band to give all his free time for his familly, we decided with Rikhard to dont search news members, he take the drum stick and i decide to scream and play guitar, we record lot of new stuff in the D-beat Hardcore Punk vein... Our demo session are released by some French labels and we get others split projects but Rikhard have totally disappear everywhere in Spain after accross the Europa alone in his van... so i decided to work on new The Lärve(s) project alone... i will thanks all people who have support us and are sorry to the labels and bands who get ripped off by Rikhard...

2011-Never released split session
2011-Dis is hell demo cd
2010-Rehearsal demo
1990-Live lost demo tape